Title photo Remote Mounted Unit

Picture 096 T-400 Chevy Adapter
$ 495.00*
deep sump maximum overdrive parts Deep Sump,
Larger than any other on the market.  It will work on J&P type overdrives.  Will increase oil capacity and cooling.  Recommended for heavy duty applications. 
Control Kit Overdrive Control Kits Call for  AVAILABILITY
$ 299.00*
laycockoverdriveP Reseal kit with cone clutch,
Will fit All P type Laycock overdrives
and most type overdrives.
*$25.00 Shipping in USA
International Orders add $40.00 for shipping and handling.
We used this Laycock Overdrive from Maximum Overdrive in our Class 7  off-road truck to get a competitive edge on our fellow racers.  With this overdrive we could leave the transmission in third gear and when coming out of a corner at full throttle hit the button and the overdrive would give me a nice gear in-between.  Also, in our line of racing; half the time the truck is airborne anywhere from one to six feet and the overdrive never skipped a beat, even under these harsh conditions. ~KC Keller ~